Simple as ABC#3: The Wild Hunt

Thomas Bellinck
Fri 10/01/2020 - 20:00 Tickets

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These last few years, Thomas Bellinck has been working on 'Simple as ABC', as series of plays on what he calls the "Western migration management machine": the network of laws, officials, agents, buildings and machines that determine who is allowed to cross the outer borders of Europe.

'The Wild Hunt' is the third instalment of 'Simple as ABC'. It follows a theatrical audio essay about cutting edge detection technology and a documentary musical about the digitisation of the EU border.

A cloud of voices gathers in an imaginary museum. Their bodies are held up elsewhere, but here absent storytellers recount histories of hunting. Some of these voices are heard. Many are not. All are experts of a certain reality. Theatre-makers, journalists, politicians, law enforcement: we are all on the hunt for something. Sometimes it’s people. 

During this performance, you will hear snippets of Arabic, English, Farsi, French and Greek collected from around the Mediterranean. Sampling from hours of recordings, 'Simple as ABC #3: The Wild Hunt' pieces together a many-voiced portrait of today’s humanhunt.

  • with surtitles in Dutch and English

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text Said Reza Hosseini Adib, Samaneh Arian, Aristotoles, Ghazi Ayari, Francis Bacon, Thomas Bellinck, Rihab Chaabane, Abir Farhat, Karima Ganji, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Parisa Heidari, Chamseddine Marzoug, Fatemeh Mousavi, Mohammad Javad Mousavi, Farouk Ouartani, Racist Violence Recording Network, Marwen Sammoud, Ervin Sehou, Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda, Yiouli Vitou, Voltaire and others director Thomas Bellinck performance Said Reza Hosseini Adib, Samaneh Arian, Ghazi Ayari, Rihab Chaabane, Abir Farhat, Karima Ganji, Parisa Heidari, Ghassen Jlassi, Chamseddine Marzoug, Fatemeh Mousavi, Mohammad Javad Mousavi, Farouk Ouartani, Racist Violence Recording Network, Marwen Sammoud, Ervin Sehou, Yiouli Vitou and others dramaturgy Esther Severi artistic collaborator Jeroen Van der Ven scenography Camille Lemonnier light design Lucas Van Haesbroeck