Ramble Song

Tue 23/11/2021 - 20:00
Theatre, Music

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Ramble Song is a film concert set in a unique theatrical installation. In a series of poetic film tableaux, BERLIN unravels a poetic ramble inspired by the figure of the drifter and meanders between melancholy and black humour. Slices of life populated by people who have experienced both beauty and disappointment.

The audience takes place in an installation that takes the form of an intimate mini-arena. With what appears to be continuous audible and visible breathing, this organism in sleep mode is injected with life through live music and film images.

Three musicians are incited on stage by BERLIN's in-house composer Peter Van Laerhoven. The performance is vintage BERLIN in terms of inventive puzzling with (presentation) forms to achieve a powerful and profound human whole. The performance will be accompanied by a physical [vinyl] and digital release of the music.

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concept and direction BERLIN: Bart Baele en Yves Degryse play movie Luk Sponselee, Menno De Schrijver, Michel Van Looveren, Jane Seynaeve, Billy Ghadhoun Seynaeve , Anthe Baele, Jasper Meuris, Ester Van Nuffel, Ninke De Roeck, Mo Franken, Sigrid Desplentere, Jérôme Gouardères and Jaak Fremault video and edit Bart Baelen, Geert De Vleesschauwer and Fien Leysen scenography  Manu Siebens, BERLIN composition Peter Van Laerhoven music performance Peter Van Laerhoven, Tine Hubrechts, Eric Thielemans, Tim Coenen, Mo Franken, Ester Van Nuffel and Ninke De Roeck costumes Jessica Ridderhof, Jane Seynaeve, Perrine Philomeen and Doris van der Molen production BERLIN co-production  deSingel, le CENTQUATRE-PARIS, and C-TAKT with support of the Flemish Government, the Tax Shelter Measure of the Belgian Federal Government thanks to Florine Schaap, Regul Bogaert, Tamara Esseling, Charlotte Willems, Lars Senders, Peter De Haan Uitvaartservice, De Studio, J&M Catering and Bart De Muynck