Piano Day #18

Tom Adams (UK), Chad Lawson (US) en Christine Ott (FR)
Thu 29/03/2018 - 19:30
Music, Classical

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€ 16

An initiative by Nils Frahm, Piano Day is becoming a household name. Throughout the evening, you will fall under the spell of the piano performances by fascinating artists.

Chad Lawson has performed alongside Wild Beasts and Daniel Norgren. No wonder, considering that he used to play in a jazz trio and interpreted songs by The Police and even Soundgarden. Lawson aims to introduce the Spotify generation to classical music. After his Chopin Variations (2015), he gives a modern and minimalist twist to Bach’s chorales with Bach Interpreted (2016).

Also meet Tom Adams, a young British composer residing in Berlin. He always ensures a breathtaking and intimate musical experience, the perfect soundtrack for long walks in the woods or mountains.

We finally present the filmic live sound of French composer Christine Ott.

Ticket prices

€ 16

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