Lambert, Frederico Albanese and Sophie Hutchings
Wed 29/03/2017 - 20:00
Music, Classical

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Within the context of Piano Day, an annual initiative created by Nils Frahm, you can enjoy no less than three piano artists who like to blur the lines between classical and modern compositions. Think of the peaceful works of Dustin O'Halloran, Max Richter or Nils Frahm himself, with a hint of Eric Satie and Steve Reich. Three excellent performers, guaranteed to give you goosebumps just as many times.

German pianist Lambert is a delight. With his unique look – what with his trademark handmade leather mask – and his romantically-tinted piano shorts, he will have no trouble conquering the hearts of everyone in the audience.

Federico Albanese made a splash in 2014, when he released his debut album The Houseboat and the Moon. Now the Italian-born prodigy of Berlin presents his newest album, Blue Hour.

Last but not least, Piano Day is proud to announce the European debut of Australian talent Sophie Hutchings.

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photo Lambert Kevin Niedernhofer


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Ticket prices

€ 16