OVERHERE collectief
Wed 21/02/2024 - 17:00
Easy language
8 - 108 years

Ticket prices

Pay what you can: € 20- € 17 - € 14 - € 11 - € 8

OVER//HERE is a fluffy scale-model of the end of the world. A science-fiction comedy about the things that are not allowed on the spaceship. An abstract dystopian party of what stays behind. A quest of humanity for its role in a story with lots of characters, OVER//HERE is a hopeful visual performance about the possible alternative outcomes in the (human) future, held together with woollen yarn and fishing lines. The place of the catastrophe: a road that leads to the epicentre of another, better-known story, taking place behind the scenes, which we won’t tell. This soft world is a training site for the imagination, for naïveté, for not running away from problems and for facing the harsh reality in a lovely setting. What happens after the catastrophe, after the end, when the road no longer serves a purpose or leads to a destination? What happens to those who are left behind?

The OVERHERE collective is made up of four young theatre artists: Tristan Feyten, Runa Robbroeckx, Femke Van der Steen and Stan Martens. In 2022, they won the Boze Wolf award for up-and-coming talent in the category puppet theatre for their first production OVER/\HERE. They always tell the story of a very specific place. This place is the protagonist and people are just passers-by, on an equal footing with the objects and nature around them. The set and the objects on stage are just as much alive as the characters passing by. With fishing lines, they make the clouds come down, flowers grow and rocks hover. In a time of impending climate catastrophes and negative thinking, they feel the need to tell hopeful stories.

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