Toon Fret (flute) and Veronika Iltchenko (piano)
Sun 01/12/2019 - 11:00 Tickets
Music, Classical
Daytime Show

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Toon Fret and Veronika Iltchenko are exceptional soloists and form an ideal duo. They share a passion for ensemble playing and a talent to pass on the sacred fire which drives them. This is the reason why we were so keen to invite them. Following their well-received albums Le temps retrouvé and Die Welt von Gestern, Veronika and Toon have now recorded a third CD. Origins contains their discoveries from France, Central Europe and the Caucasus: creations by composers from the interwar period with a distinct musical voice and inspired by national music traditions. Real gems!

Charles Koechlin - 'Quatorze Pièces pour flûte et piano'
Bela Bartok - 'Suite Paysanne Hongroise'
Arno Babadjanian - 'Ex Promptu' en 'Dans van Vagarshapat'
Fikret Amirov - 'Six Pièces pour flûte et piano'