On roses

Ensemble Bread and Roses
Wed 03/06/2020 - 20:00
Music, Classical

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For centuries, the rose has been the favourite flower of gods, saints, heroes, martyrs, artists, alchemists, socialists, esoteric societies, lovers, men and women, ordinary mortals like you and me. No other flower is charged with so much symbolism. The rose cleanses, purifies and relaxes. Its odour makes you long for more, for something intangible … 

'On roses' is an anthology sung and played in the wonderful setting of the orangery of Leuven’s botanical garden. A marvellous trip through the land of roses based on the book of the same name by Liesbet Vereertbrugghen. 

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with Hanne Raport-Hautekiet (soprano) Hannelore Devaere (baroque harp, vocals) Jowan Merckx (recorders, bagpipes, ukulele, percussion) Eric Van Leuven (guitar, gamba, double bass, vocals) Liesbet Vereertbrugghen (concept, word, vocals) textdirector Nico Boon artistic advice Thomas Baeté co-production GC De Wildeman (Herent) technical support and photo Winand Eerens