Vocal Art (NO)
Wed 22/01/2020 - 20:00 Tickets
Music, Classical, Folk

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Nordland features music from the Arctic by Norwegian ensemble Vocal Art. Old folk songs as well as newly composed music with lyrics by Petter Dass, also known as ‘the Norwegian Shakespeare’.

Allow yourself to be carried away by the rich vocal beauty and powerful Scandinavian song culture. The intimate setting with five singers and Tore Johansen’s fantastic subtle trumpet guarantees pure delight from the frozen North. You will see time, fjords and the northern lights fly by.

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with Karoline Åseng (soprano), Soetkin Baptist (mezzo soprano), Kristian Krokslett (tenor), Mikael Rönnberg (baritone), Henrik S. Dagfinrud (bass) en Tore Johansen (trumpet)