minimal Music, maximal Beauty

Julien Libeer (piano), Lorenzo Gatto (violin) and Young Belgian Strings
Sat 07/03/2020 - 20:00 Tickets
Music, Classical

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Due to road works on the Bondgenotenlaan, we advise you to plan your journey to the 30CC/Schouwburg ahead of time!

Star violinist Lorenzo Gatto and Young Belgian Strings joined forces last season for Max Richter’s 'Four seasons recomposed'. Together with piano virtuoso Julien Libeer, they now perform (post)minimal music composed by Glass, Nyman, Frahm, Richter and Pärt. 

The approach to music which Philip Glass began to develop in the 1960s can be called bold to say the least: put a couple of notes on paper, add one or leave one out at regular intervals, and repeat the process for a few hours. Glass influenced a whole generation of composers. The contrast between low supporting notes and high airy notes became the musical language that distinguishes Arvo Pärt from any other composer. Simplicity in music is a source of hapiness.

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with Julien Libeer (piano) and Lorenzo Gatto (violin) orchestra Young Belgian Strings artistic direction Dirk Van de Moortel