Etienne Guilloteau, Claire Croizé en Ecce
Wed 25/10/2017 - 20:00 Tickets

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€ 20/16
€ 16 voor een Dubbeldansticket in combinatie met Forever op 7 en 8 NOV 2017

Mer- is a piece for five dancers and five singers based on requiem music about death, grief and pain from the Renaissance performed by the Pluto-ensemble conducted by Marnix De Cat, which specialises in early music.

The title Mer- refers to the Indo-European roots of mourir (to die) and la mer (the sea). The sea is a metaphor for death, implying the idea of ‘the great beyond’, a feeling of infinity and mystery connected to the afterlife.

Dubbeldans in combinatie met Forever op 7 en 8 NOV 2017.

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choreografie Claire Croizé en Etienne Guilloteau dans Claire Godsmark, Emmi Väisänen en Young Won Song muziek Pluto-ensemble onder leiding van Marnix De Cat