Mattias De Craene (solo) - CANCELLED

Jazz Up Your Kot

Thu 26/03/2020 - 19:00
Thu 26/03/2020 - 20:00
Thu 26/03/2020 - 21:00
This event is free

In order to slow down the spread of the corona virus, this show is cancelled. If you have tickets for this event, 30CC will inform you personally about further actions. Ticket holders do not have to take any action themselves for the time being.

Mattias De Craene is a saxophone player from Ghent who you might know from Nordmann or MDC III. This time he will play solo, to completely do things of his own accord.

De Craene is not a textbook example of a jazz musician, because he doesn’t follow formal structures or strict formats. He gets the jitters from things that are obligatory and would rather do his own thing. That definitely shines through in his music: unpredictable, peculiar and adventurous.

On ‘Record Store Day 2020’ (April 18th) he will launch his new solo-ep through W.E.R.F. RECORDS. In his cosmic, ambient soundscapes De Craene uses loops and effects, but the keystones of his music - long, ethereal melodies as well as undefined sounds - are exclusively created with the saxophone.

There is some common ground with the works of Nils Frahm and Colin Stetson, but De Craene implements a musical language that is completely his own, in which a tender longing and the riot of a wild nature come together.

'Jazz Up Your Kot' is a project by the Department of Culture KU Leuven and 30CC.

This event is free