Laguna Beach

Frankie & CAMPO
Wed 11/03/2020 - 20:00
Theatre, festival
Youngsters (12+)

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Frankie combines image and sound in his installations, which straddle performance art and concerts. Frankie’s universe is fragmentary and imperfect as well as filmic, funny and moving. On stage, the interaction between the live music and the mechanically powered installations creates an expanding tableau in which guitars, noise, creaking, fascinating puppets, fishing line and wood play the leading part. From total failure to tropical idyl – 'Laguna Beach' always disarms by means of is cheerful naïveté.

  • This production is wordless.

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with Simon Lynen (vocals and trumpet), Vincent Lynen (guitar), Jef Staut (bass), Brecht Hayen (guitar) en Timo Fannoy (drums) with support of De Brakke Grond and deBuren thanks to Gouvernement

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Ticket prices

€ 14 - check our reductions

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