Iberi (GE)

Wed 12/12/2018 - 20:00 Tickets

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€ 18 (concert)
€ 12 (inleiding + abdijmaaltijd – max. 70 personen - geen kortingen)

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Eight men wearing black cloaks and boots, bandoliers on their chest and a dagger around their waist come on stage. Then they begin to sing wonderful, polyphonic and harmoniously rich songs. This Georgian male choir pays tribute to their country’s cultural heritage. As does UNESCO, which has recognised Georgian polyphonic singing as intangible cultural heritage.

To the members of this choir, singing is not just an intense experience on stage, it is also a social event. At a Georgian supra feast, guests enjoy an abundance of dishes and wine while singing work songs, Christmas songs, hymns, love songs, historical ballads and ancient tributes to the forces of nature. The men of Iberi – with a vocal range from bass to falsetto – interpret these songs in a dramatic and intense fashion.

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