(with English surtitles on 11 October)

Christophe Aussems and Het nieuwstedelijk
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A meeting in the underbelly of a hospital.

She, a surgeon, tries to hold her ground. 
He, with crutches, is waiting for news.
Day and night, hospitals go to extremes to save lives. 
In overbooked operating rooms surgeons succumb to the pressure.
A system is faced with its limits.

After 'Vuur', Christophe Aussems has created a new performance on the basis of interviews. 
He spoke to surgeons and patients about what happens to them if things go wrong.

  • with English surtitles on Friday 11th October.


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text and regie Christophe Aussems with Inge Paulussen andTom Ternest music Bert Hornikx and Patricia Vanneste dramaturgy Els Theunis scenography Bart Van Merode sound design  Stefan De Reese costume Chris Snik