Focus op modern klassiek - 7K! Label-Night

Niklas Paschburg (DE), Luca D’Alberto (IT) and Hior Chronik (GR)
Sat 10/11/2018 - 20:00
Music, Classical
First time

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Last year, Echo Collective captured the audience with their arrangement of Radiohead. Their label has released a few other gems, including compositions by the following two artists, who are bound to leave their mark.

In 2017, Italian neoclassical composer and multi-instrumentalist Luca D’Alberto released Endless, an album full of passionate and adventurous (piano) music. His trio plays intense and multi-layered concerts for strings, piano and electronic instruments.

German pianist Niklas Paschburg will also perform on stage. Tapping into the style of Joep Beving and Julien Marchal, he will touch the depths of your soul.

George Papadopolous a.k.a. Hior Chronik might sound like the name of a Greek striker, but is in fact a Berlin-based pianist. He focuses on ambient piano, at the crossing of classical and minimal music. He already collaborated with Australian pianist Sophie Hutchings and will present his newest album on this tour.

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Ticket prices

 € 18 (section 1) -  € 16 (section 2)

check our reductions

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