Dez Mona

Support: And They Spoke in Anthems

Tue 10/12/2019 - 20:00 Tickets
Music, Pop & Rock

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  • Dez Mona, the band revolving around singer Gregory Frateur, is back with a new album entitled Book of Many. It is characterised by grand ballads, mesmerising trips and silent narratives. Like a river that overflows its banks, widens its bed, forms rapids, plunges into an abyss as a waterfall and finally meanders, looking for the sea where the horizon longs for the sun. Book of Many features songs about unconditional love, guilt, war and loss. But however dark Dez Mona may seem, hope is always central to their rich repertoire.
  • And They Spoke In Anthems, the one-man-band of singer-songwriter Arne Leurentop, won the De Beloften award in 2013.  Singles The Inventor of Summer, Oh My God and Summerhouse 76 from his well-received debut album got a lot of airplay. Five years on, Money Time is still influenced by The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison, but also by Daniel Norgren, Jeff Tweedy and Leslie Feist.

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Dez Mona Gregory Frateur (vocals and piano), Roel Van Camp (accordeons), Sjoerd Bruil (guitars) en Tom Pintens (piano, guitar and synths) And They Spoke in Anthems Arne Leurentop (vocals and guitar), Maarten Flamand (guitar) en Jan Dhaene (drums)

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