Carrying my father

Sat 18/12/2021 - 20:00

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15 € - check our reductions

Eight adult men, four sons and their fathers, carry each other. Their eight bodies may not be equally strong, but they are equally powerful in their uniqueness and interaction with each other. This physical, acrobatic performance is centred around carrying and being carried, the ageing body and the reversal of care responsibilities between the generations, and the effect of time on our body and relationships. With a mixed cast of professionals and amateur performers,

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Winter circus

Since 2021, the new circus workshop CIRKLABO has supported circus artists in their artistic development.

After nearly a year, over 20 circus troupes have made use of the site. During Winter Circus 2021, we therefore present an extra dose of circus from our own circus workshop. The various circus troupes are all connected to Leuven one way or another, their creations have been partly created in Leuven and are supported or coproduced by CIRKLABO.

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production THERE THERE Company concept and direction Hanna Mampuys and Toon Van Gramberen play Toon & Eugeen Van Gramberen, Jonas & Danny Juchtmans, Josse & Koen De Broeck, Joren & Jan De Cooman coproduction 30CC, PERPLX and Theater op de Markt photo THERE THERE Company

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