Beethoven: unfinished?

Le Concert Olympique and Claire Huangci (piano)
Fri 09/10/2020 - 20:00
Music, Classical
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This concert was originally planned on April 23rd, 2020, but was postponed due to the coronavirus. All ticketholders were notified personally.

The new date remains subject to any further security measures. We therefore do not sell additional tickets. As soon as there is more certainty about the organization of the new date, we will decide whether to start an additional sale.


The programme will be slightly altered as the 'Sixth Symphony' will be replaced by the 'Fifth Piano Concerto'.

To round up their Beethoven year, conductor Jan Caeyers and his orchestra invite the young Chinese-American pianist Claire Huangci. She is the perfect interpreter in Beethoven's 'Emperor Concerto', a powerful composition with an enormous emotional impact.

Before the interval, you'll first hear the 'Unfinished Symphony' by Schubert, in which melodic ingenuity is alternated with harmonic confusion and genuine feelings.
Next is an absolute première: Le Concert Olympique will breathe new life into the sketches of Beethoven’s unfinished 'Tenth Symphony'. American-German composer Jens Joneleit, praised by Pierre Boulez, has developed a contemporary translation of Beethoven’s intentions.
Franz Schubert - 'Symphony nr. 8 in h', D. 759, 'the Unfinished'
Jens Joneleit - 'Sinfonia X. Rethinking Beethovens Tenth'
Ludwig van Beethoven - 'Concerto for piano and orchestra nr. 5 in Es', op. 73, 'The Emperor Concerto'


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conductor Jan Caeyers