Beethoven and his idols

Le Concert Olympique and Mariam Batsashvili (piano)
Thu 26/09/2019 - 20:00
Music, Classical

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For productional reasons, conductor Jan Caeyers and the orchestra have decided to slightly alter the programme. In stead of 'Symphony No. 4', they will perform the 'Symphony No. 7', in combination with Mozart and Cherubini, two composers much admired by Ludwig. 

Mozart’s 'Piano concerto No. 20' was Beethoven’s favourite concerto and the latter made his debut with this piece in Vienna in 1795. 15 years later, he composed the solo cadenzas for his pupil Ferdinand Ries. In this case, the soloist is young pianist Mariam Batsashvili. Since winning the 'International Franz Liszt Piano Competition' in Utrecht in 2014, she has been considered one of the most influential piano virtuosos of her generation.

Beethoven considered Cherubini to be "the greatest dramatic composer" of his era and conducted the ouverture of 'Faniska', a very popular opera in Vienna at the time. Both Beethoven's 'Fourth' and 'Seventh' are highly influenced by the atmosphere and orchestral sound of 'Faniska'. Admirer Richard Wagner would classify the 'Seventh' as the "apotheosis of dance", refering to its lively rhythms. It is definitely one of Beethoven's most beloved symphonies, and frequently used in movie soundtracks.

  • Luigi Cherubini - Ouverture 'Faniska'
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 'Pianoconcerto nr. 20 in d', KV 466
  • Ludwig van Beethoven - 'Symphony nr. 7 in A major', opus 92

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with Mariam Batsashvili (piano) conductor Jan Caeyers