Beating Choir / Chœur Battant

Le Carrousel & BRONKS
Sun 19/11/2023 - 19:00
12 - 112 yrs

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€ 14 - check our reductions

Six performers are on stage. They come from different families, cities and countries. But their youth is what they have in common. They introduce themselves. They express themselves. They listen to the voices of hundreds of others. They make the sound of young people around the globe heard. They are the ambassadors of their generation. Through movement and interaction, they explore the vulnerability and strength of youth. Hopeful and militant. Driven, supported and carried by the soundscape of dozens of voices of other young people from all over the world, woven into a universal tapestry of sound.

Beating Choir / Chœur Battant is a coproduction between Théâtre Le Carrousel from Canada and BRONKS from Belgium, a theatre for a young audience. Three young dancers from Quebec engaged in an artistic exchange with three young dancers from Brussels. This show is the continuation of the online platform Creative in Solitude created by choreographer and director Zoë Demoustier during the pandemic to enable young people to share their emotions through artistic expression.

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