Eko Supriyanto
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€ 16/12
€ 12 voor een Dubbeldansticket met Cry Jailolo op 28 NOV 2017

For Balabala , Eko Supriyanto collaborates with five Indonesian dancers from the Maluku Islands. By means of slow rhythmic patterns they paint a clear picture of strength. Each in their own way, they try to create a space accommodating to women where ‘potency’ and ‘creation’ take centre stage. In their dance they express different roles played by women in Indonesia. A powerful performance featuring strong female dancers.

Dubbeldans met Cry Jailolo op 28 NOV 2017

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choreography Eko Supriyanto dramaturgy Arco Renz with Yimna Meylia Meylan Runggamusi, Siti Sadia Akil Djalil, Yezyuruni Forinti, Mega Istiqama Arman Dano Saleh en Dian Novita Lifu in het kader van Europalia - Indonesië