Marjan Debaene
Wed 18/01/2017 - 20:00 Tickets
Music, Pop & Rock

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It was roughly 20 years ago when rock journalist Jacky Huys had the pleasure of reviewing the first ever work of Marjan Debaene. He described the debut album Growing Pains of the then-17 year old girl as follows: “precious few people in this country can write a song like her, and her affinity and diction of the English language is almost impeccable. Growing Pains is the type of album people will remake in 10 years as early recordings. And they'll say “Wir haben es gewusst”. Songs like Hold me, Life on planet earth and Philosophical are real ear worms. And her adaptation of Siegfried Sassoon's They has lost nothing of its impact after 20 years.”

Now, two decades later, Marjan goes on tour again. Old songs have received a modern makeover and during each performance, Marjan brings a special guest along with whom she'll go on a trip down memory lane. It will be a happy reunion, that's for sure.

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with Marjan Debaene (vocals, guitar, piano, ukelele, mandoline and accordion), Alex Brackx (guitar, mandola, banjo and backing vocals), Bert Embrechts (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Eric Bosteels (drums)