Seppe Baeyens creates a new community with the audience and his dancers who come from different generations. Dance as a universal language.
Seppe Baeyens

Dark Field Analysis

Two men in a dark room talking about blood: as a sign of introspection and observation of the world, to get in touch with the living.
Jefta van Dinther

Voices of Passion - Johannes Tourout

The Czech Cappella Mariana performs work of this mysterious 15th-century composer in addition to work from his contemporaries.
Cappella Mariana

Voices of Passion - De blinde broers uit Brugge

The young ensemble Sollazzo from Basel brings surprising and touching polyphonic music from Bruges' golden age.
Ensemble Sollazzo

Precarious pavilions: SPEED TRIP 1 - SKATE & DESTROY

Gids: lokale street skate-gemeenschap

Voices of Passion - Lagrime del Penitente

InAlto brings this stunning and recently discovered work to life, as part of a beautiful vesper service for Ash Wednesday.

Voices of Passion - Monteverdi’s madrigals

An emotional implementation of the poetic madrigals of Monteverdi. Be prepared for surprising dissonances and daring intervals.
Collegium Vocale Gent


Music theatre adaptation of the picture book 'The Little Whale' by Benji Davies. An imaginative performance about desires and saying 'farewell'.
Malou Van Sluis (NL)
van 2 tot 5 jaar

Mgodo Tracks

This video concert is the result of many years of collaboration between Walter Verdin and Matchume Zango, who plays the Mozambican timbila.
Walter Verdin en Matchume Zango (MZ)

Precarious pavilions

Leuven seems like the perfect city: beautifully restored, contemporary architecture, full of knowledge and creativity. Or is it an escape room?
Michiel Vandevelde - Pieterjan Ginckels