The Sound of V(iolin) - Spiegel im Spiegel

Laureates of the Queen Elisabeth Competition Kam and Vanbeckevoort combine a spiritual and worldly programme, ranging from J.S. Bach to Arvo Pärt.
Ning Kam (violin) en Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort (piano)

The Sound of V(iolin) - Maarja Nuut & Ruum

Young violin player and singer Maarja Nuut presents soundscapes and vocal pieces based on traditional Estonian folksongs.

The Sound of V(iolin) - Diamanda (NL)

This young lady with attitude and stage presence studied in Boston and Amsterdam, and received the John Cage Award for her contemporary music.

The Sound of V(iolin) - Voice meets Violin

A brand-new string orchestra consisting of 15 driven professional musicians is interacting with soprano Lore Binon.
Lore Binon (sopraan) and Ataneres Ensemble

The Sound of V(iolin) - Fiona Brice (UK)

Classically trained violinist Fiona Brice has collaborated with several major pop acts. But in this solo concert she presents her solo debut album.


An evocative performance about a miniature house. The eccentric occupant is not home, or so he says. But we can hear him.
Simone de Jong (NL)
van 2 tot 5 jaar

The Sound of V[iolin]

A musical and thematic day around the wooden stringed instrument that can express many sentiments.

The Sound of V(iolin) - Hanin

This youthful orchestra from Leuven plays music with a laugh and a tear, folk music from all around the world.
Violet String Orchestra

Dré Pallemaerts Seva/Or Bareket (IL)

Drummer Dré Pallemaerts has a brand-new project: Seva. This new quartet is synonymous with pure chemistry, a display of virtuoso musicality.

Double bill: BigMouth / SmallWar (DeGroteMonD/ DeKleineOorlog)

Two political monologues by Valentijn Dhaenens as a double bill. About war rhetoric on the one hand and its effect on the ordinary man on the other.
Valentijn Dhaenens en SKaGeN / Richard Jordan Productions

Start ! - Brunch with a twist!

A delicious brunch in the most beautiful Grand Café van Leuven. Funny waiters included!

Start ! - Desperate parents morning

Is your child an early bird? Enjoy a cup of coffee and a dash of classical music while your kids discover our creative play corners.

Start ! - Ready, set, dance!

Start of season 30CC begins with a smashing dance party in the Schouwburg!

Start !

Welcome to the starting moment of our brand new season. Come and join the party! There is music, to listen, to dance and to catch up to.