Passie van de Stemmen: Requiem Simon de Bonnefond

Paul Van Nevel continues to surprise with his Huelgas Ensemble: enjoy a requiem mass for five voices composed in 1556 by Simon de Bonnefond.
Huelgas Ensemble

Passie van de Stemmen: Monks Singing Pagans

Profane vocal music in Latin, Old High German and Old English. Because monks did not only sang Gregorian chants.
Benjamin Bagby en Sequentia

Passie van de Stemmen: D’amore e tormenti

A series of exquisite 17th-century Italian songs concerning the topic of unrequited love. By Raquel Anduez and Jesús Fernández Baena.
Raquel Andueza (voice), Jesús Fernández Baena (lute) and Manuel Vilas (arpa doppis)

Passie van de Stemmen: Hours of Hildegard - De Dendermonde Codex

Psallentes with a meditative interpretation of Hildegard von Bingen’s music.
Psallentes en Hendrik Vanden Abeele

Passie van de Stemmen: Tenebrae Responsoria - Tomás Luis De Victoria

A masterpiece of Tomás Luis de Victoria, one of the greatest composers from the Spanish Renaissance, performed by the fantastic Stile Antico.
Stile Antico

Die Historia der Auferstehung Jesu Christi - Heinrich Schütz

Nine singers, four viols and an organ of La Petite Bande tell the story of Christ's Resurrection, on music of Heinrich Schütz.
La Petite Bande


These 14 youngsters prove that you don't have to know all that music from the 90's to base an energetic dance performance upon them. Sparks!
fABULEUS & 7 Limburgse cultuurcentra/Talitha De Decker

Prometheus - Ludwig van Beethoven

Le Concert Olympique performs Beethoven. It’s his only full-length ballet music: 'The Creatures of Prometheus'.
Le Concert Olympiqye

Oumou Sangaré (ML)

This prima donna and highly respected Malinese singer was in Leuven before. Now she presents her new album 'Mogoya'.
Guest performance

Salvatore Adamo - Près de toi

Benelive Entertainment