Fermate il passo

Viva Biancaluna Biffi sings love songs in a mini opera in three acts. All by herself, playing the vielle. The entire range of emotions is covered.
Viva Biancaluna Biffi (vedel en stem)

Pianoconcerti - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in a small cast of La Petite Bande: two soloists on pianoforte.
La Petite Bande

Trio Da Kali (ML)

Hawa kasse Mady Diabaté, one of the most beautiful griot-voices from Mali, accompanied by a balafon- and a bass-ngoni-player. Age-old art.

Erbarme dich - Johann Sebastian Bach

In the run up to Lent: an original Bach recital with arias for tenor and traverso, composed by tenor Reinoud Van Mechelen.
Reinnoud Van Mechelen (tenor) en A Nocte Temporis

Eriksson Delcroix & Sun*Sun*Sun String Orkestra

Compelling, unforgettable, pure and obstinate. That’s how the concert of Eriksson Delcroix en Sun*Sun*Sun Orchestra will sound like.

Die Schöpfung - Joseph Haydn

Michiel Haspeslagh conducts Frascati Symphonic and two choirs: Clari Cantores and Kamerkoor Carmina. Haydn in Leuven!
Clari Cantores, Kamerkoor Carmina & Frascati Symphonic

Nur Mendelssohn

The Flemisch Radio Choir and Trio Zadig bring a glorious programme together, dedicated to Mendelssohn.
Trio Zadig en Vlaams Radio Koor

Het strijkkwartet van Meneer Sax

What happens when the fanfare is no longer marching? The string quartet of Mr. Sax takes you on a compelling parade with lots of humour.
Oorkaan & Ebonet Saxofoonkwartet (NL)


Waltz into the new year with the Nationaal Orkest of Belgium. With music of the Strauss dynasty. For sure!
Nationaal Orkest van België