De Beren Gieren & Ben Sluijs Quartet

The most adventurous band of the Benelux rushes towards Leuven. The 'Bears' (Beren) present their 4th album. Ben Sluijs comes with his Quartet.

Cry Jailolo

How life at the corals can inspire to create a new choreography: the Indonesian Eko Supriyanto builds a flourishing underwaterworld on stage.
Eko Supriyanto

Operette & Dans Classics

A dance show with unforgettable melodies, duets, arias and catchy dance rhythms. A total spectacle with sing-alongs and unknown songs.
Brussels Operette Theater

Rachmaninov 3

Playing a Rachmaninov demands a lot of musicians. Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort loves these kind of challenges, even Piano Concerto N°3.
Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort (piano) en Nationaal Orkest van België


fABULEUS/Ugo Dehaes
vanaf 12 jaar
Guest performance

Pale Blue Dot

Jet Propulsion Theatre

Dubbel geboekt

The Brussels Jazz Orchestra and Frivole Framboos have been billed the same night. A 'big bang' scenario, for the bigband and the 'Frambozen'.
De Frivole Framboos & Brussels Jazz Orchestra

deVespers 2

Get a rest at Sunday afternoon with polyphony and gregorian chants in the beautiful church of Parkabdij. Second concert of 'deVespers'.
Park Collegium

Living Hero: Bruce Springsteen

Top musicians from the Flemish pop and rockscene honour Bruce Springsteen with Glory Days. You never heard The Boss before in this way.

Fractured Memory

How do we deal with our complex history on colonialism and slavery. Ogutu Muray (Kenia) formulates and represents this legacy.
Ogutu Muraya (KE)

Toumani Diabaté (ML) & Kayhan Kalhor (IR)

Two pre-eminent musicians touch a string. No pun intended ... Mali meets Iran on stage.
Support: Solo & Indré (SN/LT)

Air de Bijoux

French melodies and operette: the charm of our south neighbours. A perfect Sunday afternoon with An de Ridder and Adriaan Jacobs, on our request.
An De Ridder (sopraan) en Adriaan Jacobs (piano)


'Der Abschied' from Mahler is about man’s morality. Performer Maarten Seghers performs the song, in a choreography with three dancers.
Needcompany/Grace Ellen Barkey

Bill Frisell (US)

The American jazz guitarist Bill Frisell recruited three string musicians. A new band and a new sound were born. A pleasant surprise!