Where Are We Now

Where Are We Now

David Bowie Tribute

Sven Ratzke
Tue 17/05/2022 - 20:00
Show & Musical

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€ 25 (section 1) - € 23 (section 2) - € 18 (section 3)

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Sven Ratzke is an entertainer and raconteur pur sang who tantalises, confuses and seduces. In 'Where Are We Now', he takes you on a journey through the almost cinematic universe of David Bowie, which is also his universe. Facts, fiction, anecdotes and informal chats with the audience merge into an exciting story.

His latest show once again demonstrates that Ratzke is one of the best interpreters of Bowie’s work. In an intimate setting, he shows the top qualities of Bowie’s songs in all their purity. Classics such as 'Heroes' and 'Ashes to Ashes' as well as gems like 'Life on Mars?' come into their own thanks to wonderful new arrangements.

Sven Ratzke has already performed this show in Australia, Europe and New York. Around the globe, the show has been showered with accolades and standing ovations. Now he has finally returned to the Low Countries!

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with Sven Ratzke (voice) and Jetse de Jong (piano) director Dirk Groeneveld photo Hanneke Wetzer

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