Voices of Passion - Johannes Tourout

Cappella Mariana
Sun 12/05/2019 - 15:00 Tickets
Concert, Classical, festival
Daytime Show

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If the number of preserved manuscripts and compositions passed down through the centuries is anything to go by, Flemish composer Johannes Tourout must have been one of the leading composers of the late 15th century. But hardly anything is known about him, except that he was registered as a cleric in the diocese of Tournai and that he was a cantor at the court of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III.

Ensemble Cappella Mariana from the Czech Republic confronts music by this mysterious composer (Missa Mon Oeil, Magnificat etc.) with compositions by contemporaries such as Jacob Obrecht and Johannes Pullois.

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with Michaela Riener (soprano), Vojtech Semerad (tenor and artistic direction), Tomaš Lajtkep (tenor), Tomaš Šelc (baritone), Jaromir Nosek (bass), Jakub Kydlicek (blokfluit), Thomas Wimmer (fiddle and en viola da gamba) en Jan Krejca (lute)