Sväng (FI)

Thu 09/02/2023 - 20:00

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Now is the time to see Sväng perform, if you haven’t already over the past nineteen years. This weird and brilliant Finnish harmonica quartet has thrilled audiences worldwide. Their virtuoso playing and the wonderful sound of the bass harmonica leaves no-one untouched. A clever piece of entertainment that perfectly avoids the pitfalls of the "gimmick”.

They enthral their audience in boisterous musical rapture with their melodious and panting melancholy. An amazingly differentiated sound that surprises and charms. An intense concert full of passion and joy.

Constant tempo changes and contrasting danceable moments allow the four different instruments to merge seamlessly into an intoxicating sound. Exhilarating, compelling and fiery.

Sväng proves that the harmonica has a wide range and that you can do justice to any style with this instrument. Our own “Toots” is looking on approvingly from up there with a playful smile on his face (or, at least, we thinks so) ...

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with: Eero Grundström & Eero Turkka (chromatic & diatonic harmonicas  Jouko Kyhälä  (harmonetta) Tapani Varis (bass harmonica)