Precarious pavilions

Michiel Vandevelde - Pieterjan Ginckels
Sat 04/05/2019
Sat 11/05/2019
Thu 16/05/2019
Sat 25/05/2019
This event is free

The 21st century is one of many crisis situations. Apart from climate change, there will also be new financial and cultural crises in the future. How can we think about architecture – the creation of space-  within an unstable world? How does the notion of ‘precarity’ influence our way of thinking and change our way of life?

(Visual) artist Pieterjan Ginckels (PJG) positions himself between the perfect renders of urban development in Leuven. The ‘Barbarahof’ is the setting for his pavilion: a black painted trailer blemished with the words ‘NO PEAKS’. The trailer is a monolith, a stately sculpture that interrupts the everyday user’s movements that have been planned by urban developers.

In cooperation with skate shop Twits, PJG is creating a ‘NO PEAKS’ skateboard. This ‘limited edition’ is a dream come true, because normally this kind of deck is only for the ultimate professional skater. Moreover, PJG will distribute these boards (or ‘decks’) amongst the local skating community, and thus making them partners in crime on the scene. To paraphrase PJG: under the motto 'Research & Destroy' the boring western pseudo-urbanism must be consumed, experienced en destroyed from within.

  • The pavilion will be inaugurated on Saturday 4 May.
  • On Saturday 11, 18 and 25 May, lectures and a discussion program take place in and around the sculpture. This program will be announced later.
  • Saturday 11, Thursday 16 and Saturday 25 May: Speed trip (guided architecture tours)

‘Precarious Pavilions #4: No Peaks’ is the last of four pavilions. In 2018-2019, four pavilions are built in four cities (Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven), during four seasons (summer/autumn/winter/spring), by four different artists (collectives).

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Creation Pieterjan Ginckels curator Michiel Vandevelde assistance Jara Vlaeminckx  production Disagree. vzw coproduction 30CC support Stad en Architectuur, Cas-co (Leuven) with support of the Flemish Government