Nordicolour Experience: Marvara (BE/SE/DK) + Oscar Beerten/Miko Malmivaara

Wed 22/03/2023 - 20:00

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€ 18 - check our reductions

Location change

Due to technical reasons we move the concert to 30CC/Wagehuys. (instead of Sint-Geertruikerk)

Program change

Raske Drenge has to cancel the tour with Marvara due to illness of a band member. Raske Drenge is replaced by Oscar Beerten + Mikko Malmivaara.


Marieke Van Ransbeeck and Oscar Beerten represent the Belgian/Flemish core in their bands Marvara and the duo Oscar Beerten & Mikko Malmivaara. What they have in common is the love for Scandinavian music.

Both talents were also noticed by radio KLARA and were rightly selected as one of the promising Twenties.

With musicians from Sweden, Denmark and Finland, Marvara and the duo Beerten & Malmivaara promise a varied and energetic mix of Scandinavian music!


Marvara brings lively folk written by bagpipe player Marieke Van Ransbeeck (BE). The music expresses her experiences and memories of a breathtaking musical adventure in the High North. After all, as part of the 'Nordic Master in Folk Music' she traveled through Scandinavia for two years to perfect herself as a musician. 

Marieke (and her bagpipes) are accompanied by musicians she met along the way: the Danes, Emil Ringtved Nielsen (bass) & Villads Hoffmann (zither-bouzouki), Mårten Hillbom (percussion) from Sweden. The Belgian accordionist Hilke Bauweraerts completes this international group.

Their debut album: "High On Life" is a real feel-good experience.

Energetic melodies, tough harmonies, sultry slows, devilish polskas and even a pinch of pop music. A concert by Marvara stimulates the senses and sitting still becomes difficult.

Oscar Beerten & Mikko Malmivaara

After seven years of musical studies in both Sweden and Norway, Oscar Beerten from Herentals set sail for Finland in 2020, where he is currently studying a 'Master of Global Music' at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. 

Over the many years in the far north, Oscar has immersed himself in numerous Scandinavian and northern regional music styles. His compositions therefore also bring a broad facade of Scandinavian folk with an innovative interpretation. This new settlement in Helsinki, Finland provides many new impressions and jam sessions with local musicians. This, resulting in brand new and never-before-seen compositions!

Raske Drenge (cancelled)

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