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Voetvolk / Lisbeth Gruwez & Maarten Van Cauwenberghe
Sun 14/05/2023 - 10:00

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With Nomadics, Voetvolk enters the realm of the (inner) landscape. Not a mythical place, but the world – here and now – as it unfolds to and with us. We walk; put one foot in front of the other. Together we experience the polyphonic impact of that simple movement. On foot we make our way through nature and city, through wind and weather, to the place where it all happens at the end of the day: the scene. A breathtaking footwork for eight performers that liberates the body – and therefore also the mind – from the ground up.

But first we invite the public to walk with us. During the creation of Nomadics, we undertake a journey to and from twenty-three cultural centers in Flanders. Together with the spectators who want to join us, we go to the location in question, aware of space, time, each other and the environment.

A collaboration of STUK and 30CC.

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choreography Lisbeth Gruwez composition, sound design and live music Maarten Van Cauwenberghe performance Antoni Androulakis, Artemis Stavridis, Francesca Chiodi Latini, Lucie Domenach, Raoul Riva, Simon Arson, Tim Bogaerts, Valeria Saija dramaturgy Bart Meuleman costume design Eli Verkeyn production Voetvolk vzw co-production KVS – Royal Flemish Theatre, Julidans, Theater Freiburg & Charleroi Danse with support of the Flemish Government the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government distribution