Living room concert: Ernst Vranckx & Chris Mentens Duo

Sun 19/03/2023 - 13:00

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  • Free, with reservation
  • Exclusive, maximum 30 places

Pianist Ernst Vranckx (°1966) and bassist Chris Mentens (°1957) have actually known each other for a long time. Ever since the 1980s, they occasionally play together in various formations, including The Chris Joris Experience.

For various reasons, their paths separated for a while until they found each other again a few years ago in weekly duo sessions in the Kloosterhotel in Leuven where, despite the fact that they both compose for their own bands, they mainly play jazz standards. In this living room concert, they play a nice mix of their own work and standards.

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with Ernst Vranckx (piano) and Chris Mentens (double bass)