Benjamin Verdonck
Sun 19/03/2023 - 17:00
Sun 19/03/2023 - 20:00
Daytime Show, Easy language
also suitable for children from 10 years

Ticket prices

  • pay what you can: € 8 - € 11 - € 14 - € 17 - € 20
  • € 2,80 voor UiTPAS met kansentarief
  • no other reductions

Benjamin en de Boze Wolf

This season, Leuven Jazz and the puppet theatre festival Boze Wolf Festival join forces once again. All-round artist Benjamin Verdonck will perform no fewer than five times in Aarschot and Leuven.

For his two performances in Leuven, Benjamin has invited a few jazz musicians with whom he engages in a dialogue, improvises and gives his visual shows a magical sound. The names of the musicians will be announced together with the Leuven Jazz programme.

Over the past few years, Benjamin Verdonck has created a series of wonderful tabletop pieces and dioramas. Continuum is the latest addition to that repertoire.

As a diorama without a fixed script, Continuum allows you to constantly explore new variations and combinations of colour, shape and movement. A jazz concert for the eye. After a first series of performances on squares and in parks during Verdonck’s tour of Antwerp in 2020-2021, he moved the show indoors at Het TheaterFestival 2021. Within the scope of Leuven Jazz, Benjamin Verdonck has invited a jazz musician with whom he engages in a dialogue. The name(s) of the musician(s) will be announced together with the Leuven Jazz programme.

Verdonck’s recent repertoire is the result of a search for small-scale mobile theatre forms that escape the conventional expectations of production and programming. It is an exercise in simplification, resilience and agility with the anarchic humour, intelligent rebelliousness and relentless imagination for which Benjamin Verdonck’s work is known.

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with Benjamin Verdonck production Toneelhuis photo Benjamin Verdonck