Voices of passion - spring 2022

Polyphonic gems from the Renaissance

Leuven and polyphony have since long been closely connected. The music that could be heard in the city at the time of the Flemish Primitives now once again resounds in harmony with the architecture of Park abbey church in Heverlee.

In the gatehouses on the abbey site, where the House of Polyphony and the Library of Voices are housed, the Alamire Foundation conducts research into the music from the Low Countries. During the festival, experienced musicians and young performers put the results of this research into practice and bring the musical heritage of hundreds of years ago to a contemporary audience.

Just like the Franco-Flemish polyphonists who played a leading role in their age, these ensembles feature prominently on the European concert stage. Voices of Passion presents not only marvellous music from the Low Countries, but also polyphonic masterpieces composed in Rome, Naples, London and Vienna.



DeVespers 2

Currende Consort

Missa Maria Zart

Cappella Pratensis

Masterly Italian polyphony

Huelgas Ensemble

Buio e Splendore

Ratas del viejo Mundo